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Our Courses 2018

Enchantment of the Everyday

Our 2018 Art Courses for the months April, June, July, August, and September will focus on the enchantment of the everyday. Those things that we see everyday but often miss in our hectic daily lives. The simple things in life are often the most glorious, and as spring begins to approach the beauty of nature, its colours and shapes inspire our art here at Atelier 88.

Along with Painting and Drawing courses we will offer Printmaking in our purpose built studio with Linocut Workshops, Lithography ‘Plastic Plates’ and ‘Mokulito’ courses and Non Toxic Etching. See our work on Instagram

We had another visit from our guest printmaker Mick Wooton and we discovered hidden gems in the rocks and olive groves, prehistory settlement sites, caves and carvings in the rocks quite beautiful and worthy place for making some great paintings and drawings.


Atelier 88 will publish a full list of courses in a weeks time here is a sample of our beginners course in Linocut Printmaking. We also run courses for intermediate and practicing Artists.

Linocut Beginners Workshop

Starting with a simple black and white design over the course of Four/Five days the projects will develop according to each individual; incorporating the use of colour, mark making and format.

Accurate  registration
The use of an etching press
The safe use of linocut tools
How to print using a  wooden spoon
Plus a wealth of professional printmakers tips from a Master Printmaker.

Description of requirements

This workshop is designed for beginners. You may find it helpful to bring along image materials either in the form of a sketch book, cut outs or your iPad.

What you will achieve by the end

By the end of this workshop you will understand how to safely and confidently cut Lino with the appropriate tools and how to operate a Press to print your image.

All course prices include basic materials such as inks, paper, tools and equipment.

We will also run our popular Botanical Sketchbook course in April and June. This includes making prints in the Printmaking Studio.

Our courses run over 5 days (£100 a day) usually Thursday to Tuesday but can be extended on request, this includes pick up from Granada, Includes All Meals and Drinks, use of Print Studio, Blue Garden evenings, walking in the groves, and working in the landscape. Alcala La Real has many bars and restaurants, the famous La Mota Castle and many historic sites. This is the real Spain.

If you are interested in our Courses let us know as soon as you can and we will reserve those dates for you.

Please contact us for more information at

Courses are tailored for group participation or individuals. Come and enjoy our hospitality and discover your creative universe.

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