Atelier 88

A new Life in The Sun

Amanda Tempest Radford Artist in Residence Portrait Painter Printmaker

Amanda Tempest Radford Artist in Residence Portrait Painter Atelier 88. To say that life has been busy is an understatement. Between Pedro’s Madrid visit to look at exhibitions in the Museum Reina Sophia (a blog post shortly on these exhibitions) as well as see Chelsea beat Atletico Madrid!  After[…]

The Andalusian Jug; Visiting artist Sue Graves

Not long after Susan Cook finished her Art Course here at Atelier88,  I received a call from a man asking if I could offer the same art course for his wife. What was so pleasing about this phone call was that we had been recommended by a guest who[…]

Nise – The Heart Of Madness (2015). Hope and Kindness

When a friend recommends a film it is often with some trepidation that one begins to watch it. Everyone’s taste is, of course, different and no one size fits all. But when our good friend and humanitarian Eamon recommended this film we had high hopes. It is ‘hope’ that is[…]

Pete Nevin Drawing the Natural World ‘Sacred Monkey Forest’ Bali

Pete Nevin 2013 Atelier 88. Drawing the Natural World: ‘Sacred Monkey Forest’ (The grey long-tailed Macaque) The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary within the village of Padangtegal, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. The Ubud Monkey Forest is an ecological reserve with around 600 monkeys in 12 hectares of forest with 186 different species of[…]

Lottie Nevin Atelier 88 2016 'Flowers in jug' iPad drawing

Lottie Nevin 2016 iPad Drawings

Like David Hockney, Lottie Nevin uses her iPad to make these vibrant drawings. Lottie is inspired by the humble everyday things that surround her. Lottie loves to paint and draw the rich colours of fruit, personal objects and the sunlit landscape of Andalusia.  

Pete Nevin Atelier 88 'The Hoopoe' 2016 Bird Drawings 'Hoopoe'

Pete Nevin ‘The Hoopoe’ Drawing the Natural World.

  Pete Nevin Atelier 88 2016 ‘The Hoopoe’ Drawing the Natural World, bird studies. Las Pilas de Fuente Soto, Andalusia, Spain. We found an injured Hoopoe on the road from Alcala La Real to Las Pilas sometime last year. Whilst it was with us I managed a few drawings. There[…]

Pete Nevin drawing the natural World

Pete Nevin ‘Drawing the Natural World’, bird studies. Kenya 2010

  Pete Nevin Atelier 88 ‘Drawing the Natural World’, bird studies from Kenya 2010 “An involvement with birds is a reliable hook into the state of the planet.” Margaret Atwood