Atelier 88

The Blue Garden

When we purchased the house in February 2015, the garden area was a disaster. Years of neglect had allowed a thick forest of vegetation to takeover the space. Wild fig trees grew everywhere, their sticky sap filled branches blocking out the sunlight, their roots choking drains, invading the house.

The remnants of the dilapidated outbuilding which had at one time been a dairy (now the studio) lay collapsed, a pile of stones covered in a thick, carpet of green moss, hidden under a veil of creepers and vines. The remnants of the dairy’s roof, lay rotten, in the undergrowth where it had fallen.

On the house deeds, our plot is what is known as a finca, a rural dwelling with accommodation for livestock and a small parcel of land. The builder has told us that at one time, sheep had been kept in the yard and their huge two metre long stone-drinking trough was still there in a corner, full of old farming implements and rusting tin buckets.

With the help of a digger and a team of strong men, the yard was cleared, dug out, and levelled. It took over a month to clear the site completely. The ancient stone drinking troughs were removed, the well was covered over and work started on transforming the yard.

Even before the space had been cleared and ton upon ton of topsoil and garden rubbish removed, we already knew what we wanted to create. Our Blue Garden is inspired by the famous Majorelle Garden in Marrakech and, the artist Frieda Kahlo whose colourful home and garden are a place we much admire.

Gardens take time to create. It will take a few years for our own ‘Majorelle Garden’ to reach maturity. Planting has already begun, the walls have been painted a vibrant blue and cacti and plants have been potted and are now in situ.

When the days get warmer, we will make the transition from indoor, to outdoor living.

Guests will be able to enjoy their meals outside. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in the shade of the palms and, in the evenings, candles and Moroccan lamps will light the space, creating an enchanting outdoor living room.




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